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Legendary Grammy Award Winning Bass Player for Paul Simon

Bakithi Kumalo’s bass playing can be found in the heart and soul of the modern day anthems that have shaped our sense of music and culture as we know it. Ranked among the top 50 bass players in the world by Bass Player Magazine, Bakithi Kumalo is a five-time Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist.

Born in the Soweto township of Johannesburg, South Africa and surrounded by relatives who loved music and actively performed, Kumalo landed his first job at the age of seven filling in for his uncle’s bass player.

Kumalo worked as a session musician in South Africa during the 1970s and early 1980s, eventually becoming a top session bassist and accompanying international performers during their South African tours.

In 1985, Kumalo was introduced to Paul Simon by producer Hendrick Lebone during the recording sessions for Simon’s Graceland album. Kumalo then traveled with Simon to New York to finish the album and after the accompanying premier tour, spent several years commuting between Soweto and New York City before permanently settling in the United States.

What You Hear Is What You See

Is a full circle moment. It’s inspired by my 35 year journey from South Africa to the US, and by the people I have encountered touring the world. My story is my heart

It’s inspired by my 35 year journey from South Africa to the US, and by the people I have encountered as I toured the world. I listened to their stories, and realized that their situation is the same as mine. It is about connecting, and was made to help people to remember to live in the moment, and keep moving forward. Everyday is a gift, so open it and see what’s inside! I like to be in the moment,enjoying a nice day, a beautiful walk with nature, and creating. This is what I do everyday, so lookaround, and listen to What You Hear Is What You See! Let it take you on a journey!

This album is a celebration of life, love,family, and culture.

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